Have a question? Contact US Three simple steps is all it takes to bring a smile to someone’s face
in gratitude of their hard work during the pandemic.
Order the trophy here
Follow the instructions to order the personalized nameplate here.
(Make sure to spell the name correctly)
Wait for your delivery, or the call of appreciation
once it’s been delivered to your champ!
Healthcare Hero Trophy ORDER NOW Be grateful and SHOW the love for our, brave on a daily, healthcare heroes!!
Personalized trophies for your favorite people!!

Order a trophy to show the love!
Honor YOUR Healthcare Hero The introduction of Covid-19 into our lives was abrupt.
We have all had to adapt with a vast amount of changes very quickly.
Our families, and friends alike have had to deal with enormous change,
and some dealing firsthand on the frontlines of this pandemic.
Let’s give them a little token of appreciation.
Have a trophy delivered gift wrapped to your loved ones door,
or to yourself to present the gift in person to your favorite doctor or nurse.
Three simple steps:

Order the trophy online here.

Follow the instructions to order the personalized nameplate.
(Make sure to spell the name correctly)

Wait for your delivery, or the call of appreciation once it’s been delivered to your champ!

About US

A small company doing its part in supporting economic growth in Haiti and the US. We offer a few different services with our teams in Miami, FL and Haiti.
1. Our trophies are made in HAITI by a team of 20 people who also make a product called BEADWORX! Check them out here.
We have 5000 trophies in stock ready to go! Learn the idea behind the project here(linkbackstory of Lances idea), and Help make this project a sensation!

2. Our shipping services include getting your stuff from Haiti with any number of transport options we offer by sea or air. Even packing them for you if you choose that option!
a. Contact us here(sends an email to us to know and interact with customer and decide if address is to be shared with said individual) or call us in Haiti for the address to drop off your goods 509-2943-1201.
b. Our team in Haiti will receive your goods at our dock in Port-au-Prince and make sure it arrives safely in Miami.
c. On the other end, our folks in our Miami office handle your precious cargo the minute it lands on US territory, so no lost packages when shipping with us. And, we make sure to get it delivered to you your way.
Port-au-Prince to the US and abroad!

3. The Pizza box Project:
For all those who have visited the marche en fer at croix des bouquets and found the most perfect piece from one of the artisans but couldn’t possibly fit it in THAT suitcase!
Can’t fit it in my suitcase Problem solved!!

  • Buy that large beautiful piece from that artisan, buy those gifts for friends and colleagues and family; don’t hold back we can get these to you safe and sound without overweighing your luggage!
  • 2 ways to get the artwork pieces to us:
    1. You drop it at our dock for processing. We are just minutes from the PAP airport. Please plan to allow up to 30 minutes to process your request if dropping off before catching your flight.
    2. You ask the artisan to contact our point man in Croix-des-Bouquets to deliver the goods to our dock, or he drops it himself depending on how you have arranged it with him.

Contact US

MIAMI, FL 33166
tel.: 305-888-2800, 305-888-2628
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